Take care of your Mongrels, and your Mongrels will take care of you! We use only the highest quality materials in the construction of your boots to ensure your Mongrels remain durable and comfortable throughout their lifespan. In order to promote the life of your boots, follow the easy steps below.


  • Remove dirt and grime from the leather upper with a damp cloth or soft brush, and leave the boots to dry at room temperature
  • Apply a leather polish, dubbin, or cream to the leather liberally in a circular motion
  • Buff or wipe any excess residue from the dubbin or polish, and again leave the boots to dry at room temperature away from sunlight or artificial heat.
  • Repeat the above regularly or as needed to ensure the leather remains soft and nourished

Suede & Nubuck:

  • Using a suede or nubuck brush, gently brush the leather in order to remove any dirt; grime or light stains. This will also help to maintain the nap
  • Using a gum eraser, remove any stubborn scuffmarks by rubbing the affected area.
  • Apply suede or nubuck cleaner to any area of the boot that has deep stains that you wish to remove, and allow to dry
  • Once clean, apply Mongrel suede and nubuck protector to the boots as per the instructions on the bottle and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • We always recommend applying Mongrel suede and nubuck protector to your boots when new, as well as regularly throughout their lifespan.

Other Tips:

  • Store your boots in a dry, and well ventilated area away from sunlight
  • Boot soles should be cleaned of any dirt or manure etc. regularly with water
  • If your boots get wet, dry them at normal room temperature away from sunlight and any artificial heat sources such as fires and heaters (as this will dry the leather out and may cause it to crack or shrink)
  • Allow the leather to dry naturally before treating
  • Condition your boots using the above steps before use when they are new
  • Avoid storing your boots in humid conditions
  • When coming into contact with any chemicals or other liquids, always clean and condition the boots immediately
  • We recommend regularly following the above boot care tips to keep the leather soft and nourished

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