We are proudly Australian and are still honoured to manufacture our boots on Aussie soil. With a shared vision, our workforce has become family.

Our team designs boots with the help of modern technologies to ensure the highest levels of safety and comfort. More than just a brand name, Mongrel represents authentic Australian boots that really are Aussie Born and Bred.


The excitement felt by Stanley Cloros when he touched his first boot in 1930 remains throughout our factory today.

The process begins when the boot is carefully cut and stitched by our team, with our suppliers’ raw, authentic materials. The shape and fit of each boot are determined by the technique called lasting, which wraps the upper around the traditional foot-shaped mould.

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Our hard-wearing and comfy soles are manufactured when TPU/PU is injected into a mould by our high-tech Desma direct moulding machines. By continuing to invest in state of the art Desma injection machines, Mongrel Boots commits to remain as an Australian manufacturer.

The second last step of the boot making process involves a careful review. Our team scours over each stitch, the material, zipper, sole, and laces to ensure every boot is assembled to the highest standard.

Packing the boot is the last step, and this role is not over-looked. Every boot is mindfully packed and includes a six-month manufacturer’s warranty with detailed tags for boot care.

Ninety years on, we acknowledge the changes and adaptations to our designs and processes. Our reputation and love for making authentic, high-quality boots will never change. We thank Australians for the support so we can continue producing Australian made boots.

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