We are forever evolving our range with the Mongrel research & development team, continuously testing new ways to get more comfort, higher safety ratings. We are proud of our accomplishments that make our boots stand out from the crowd: ToughSider design, Roller Sole Technology, AirZone® for comfort, the origin of the ZipSider in Australia and the collaboration with the famous Italian sole company Vibram® to release the 561, 550 & 545. These boots are the ultimate work boot for safety that won’t get kicked off any worksite.


The ToughSider sole gets going when the going gets rough! The ToughSider sole is a hallmark of our sole design and is comprised of a deeper and wider tread pattern, similar to that of a 4WD mud tyre. The design enhances your performance giving you more grip and stability in rugged terrain. With built-in arch support, our ToughSider sole reduces fatigue and guarantees you a smoother ride.


Give me a Roller Sole any day! This computer aided design feature was originally designed for high-tech sports shoes and was formed with the roll motion in mind. With a specially shaped sole, this technology creates a roller action when walking. This roller action increases comfort and safety, by making the action of walking far smoother therefore lessening fatigue. Like our AirZone Comfort System®, it’s featured on both our TPU and Vibram® rubber soles.

Mongrel Boots Roller Sole Technology


The AirZone Comfort System® works by trapping air in the heel cavity, creating a cushion-enhanced comfort for the wearer. The superior cushioning absorbs sudden blows and the degenerative effects of constant heel strike. Like the other design features you’ll find in the sole of your Mongrels, the AirZone Comfort System® is designed to give you an extra spring in your step by enhancing comfort and reducing fatigue.

Boot technology



The technology found in the OrthoTec Air footbed has been designed specifically for our boots. The interconnected air holes assist the closed-cell polyurethane foam structure to circulate air throughout the boot, creating constant air flow and increased levels of comfort. OrthoTec Air features anatomically designed arch support and an AirZone Comfort System® inside its soft yet stable polyurethane structure. This all creates a shock absorber like effect to absorb sudden blows and combat the degenerative effects of heel strike, which in turn enhances comfort and reduces fatigue. This footbed is our most popular and can be found in the majority of our boots.

Designed specifically for our new range of Vibram® soled boots, the OrthoTec Poron® footbed has been modelled off our best-selling and extremely comfortable OrthoTec Air footbed. To further enhance the comfort and shock absorbing characteristics of this footbed, we’ve inserted Poron® Performance Cushioning into the heel cavity. Poron® Performance Cushioning is a versatile shock absorbing material that has been engineered to increase comfort and reduce fatigue caused by hard work. This antistatic footbed can be found in any Mongrel that features a Vibram® rubber outsole.

OrthoTec Lite has an open foam polyurethane design, which maintains its shape and won’t flatten out significantly over time with heavy-duty work. The air-blown PU footbed has recently been reengineered with AirZone Comfort System® circulation features, assisting with moisture control and delivering a simple footbed that is comfortable and hard wearing. OrthoTec Lite features less arch support than our OrthoTec Air footbed, making it better suited to people with flat feet. This footbed can be found in our entry-level styles.

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