1. How do I care for my Mongrel Boots?

For tips on how to best take care of your Mongrels, please refer to our Boot Care page

2. Where can I purchase Mongrel Boots?

Mongrel Boots are available from a wide range of outlets including work wear specialist stores, disposal stores and can be found in leading country retailers of quality footwear. You can locate your closest Mongrel retailer here

3. Is Mongrel Boots an Australian owned company?

Yes, Mongrel Boots is a fully Australian owned company that has been 100% family owned and operated since 1930.

4. Are Mongrel Boots Australian made?

Yes! We currently produce 41 different styles of Mongrel Boots in our purpose built factory in Sydney, Australia. The other 2 styles that complete our catalogue (240011 & 240090) are produced overseas. These boots are produced using the safety and quality codes followed in Australia, under the supervision of Mongrel Boots manufacturing executives.

5. What sizing system does Mongrel Boots use?

Mongrel Boots are sized based on the AUS/UK sizing system.

6. Do Mongrel Boots come with a warranty?

Yes, all Mongrel Boots are covered under a 6-month manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase. This warrants the boots against all manufacturing and material faults. This warranty does not apply to boots, that in the opinion of Mongrel Boots, have been misused or subject to excessive wear and tear. This warranty is provided in addition to other rights and remedies you have under law.

7. I think my boots contain a material or manufacturing fault, how do I make a warranty claim?

Please return your boots to the place of purchase with a copy of your proof of purchase for assessment. If the boots are found to be faulty, they will be repaired or replaced. Alternatively if this not possible, please contact us directly at info@mongrelboots.com.au.

8. How should I store my boots?

Your boots should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated environment, away from sunlight when not being worn – air-conditioned environments are ideal. If possible, avoid storing your boots in humid environments.

9. How should I dry my boots when they get wet?

We recommend drying your boots at normal room temperature away from forced direct heat and sunlight. After your boots are dry, please refer to out boot care page for instructions on how to recondition the leather uppers

10. Do you make boots for females?

Yes, Mongrel sizes 3-6 are graded specifically for ladies feet. When purchasing our boots, we suggest ladies generally size down 2 sizes to acquire the correct fit (e.g. a ladies size 6 will fit a men’s size 4).

11. Do you produce wide fitting boots?

The standard fitting for all of our boots is EEE. For an even wider fitting, try one of our half sizes, which we produce from sizes 6.5-10.5. Our half sizes are the same length as full sizes, but provide extra width.

12. What safety standards do Mongrel Boots adhere to?

All safety-capped Mongrel Boots are certified to the Australian/New Zealand standard Type 1 AS/NZS 2210.3.2009 class 1.

13. Are Mongrel Boots waterproof?

Mongrel Boots do not contain a waterproof membrane, and as such are not waterproof. We recommend using Mongrel suede and nubuck protector to increase the water resistance properties of your boots.

14. Do you make rubber-soled boots?

Yes, all of the boots in the Mongrel R Series have a nitrile rubber outsole that is heat resistant up to 300C.

15. What is TPU?

TPU is an abbreviation for thermoplastic polyurethane. TPU is used as the outsole material for the majority of Mongrel Boots.

16. What is the difference between a TPU sole and a Nitrile rubber sole?

TPU is heat resistant to up to 130C and is highly resistant to most chemicals and oils. TPU is also known for its slip resistance capabilities and providing excellent tear strength, making it suitable for most work environments. Nitrile rubber is heat resistant up to 300C, making it more suitable for people who work on very hot surfaces. Nitrile rubber soles are also resistant to acid and oils.

17. Are the soles oil and acid resistant?

Yes, our TPU and nitrile rubber outsoles are resistant to most common oils and acids.

18. What material is your midsole made from?

The midsole of all Mongrel Boots is produced from high quality polyurethane. Polyurethane is known for its soft and springy nature, making it perfect for comfort and absorbing impact.

19. How is the sole attached to the upper?

The dual density soles of all Mongrel Boots are directly injected onto an upper via our Desma injection moulding machinery. This represents the latest and most technically advanced method of attaching soles to footwear uppers.

20. What material are your safety caps made from?

We use high quality steel caps in all of our safety ranges, except for the S Series. The S Series uses aluminium safety caps due to their lightweight properties. Aluminium caps provide the same safety as steel caps and pass the relevant Australian standard for impact resistance.

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